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Published on 12 November, 2017 | Published By : Rahul From Delhi


Hello Friends! I'm Rahul Sharma from Delhi. Today i'm going to share my life changing story that happened few weeks ago. I found a natural penis enlargement method that really works and I have already increased in my penis size to 7.3" inches. Don't believe me? See my pics here:

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You may already know, I love girls but they haven't always been cool to me, concerning the size of my penis, not super small, but not really great either. Two weeks ago a girl was meaner than the others. But I was going to get my revenge.

Here's The Heart Breaking Story:

I had a date with girl from Chandigarh. I met her at my friend's house. She was a nice girl, fearless, an assistant manager in a car showroom. Fair, big curvey boobs, smokey eyes, long hair. Not bad at all.

The night went well. Good food in a Delhi's one of the best restaurant, we drank a little, we laughed, in short, we had a good time. We were on the same page, so we decided to go to her place. A small apartment, but well organised and only two blocks away. I liked it.

She dragged me to her room and went to the bathroom for a few minutes. I felt comfortable. When she came back we started kissing, and the tension began to rise. Her hands glided over my body and slowly approached my crotch. She is about to suck me when, once my pants unbuttoned, she started to laugh, and said...

"I have never seen one so small! Are you hard now?" She said laughing......

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I felt terribly humiliated. Yes, I got a hard-on. My ex had at least pretended. I grabbed my things and left.

That was the trigger, this should never happen to me again. I had to do something to solve my problem and, I had to find a way to enlarge my cock..

And I have found it. Here's what I did:

Johnny Sins

During the rest of the night I researched on the Internet the different methods to get a bigger dick. Creams, penis pumps, eBooks... Garbage. I didn't believe it. Surgery? Very expensive and very painful. No thanks. They even make patches. Hey guys, these patches are to stop smoking, enough already!

The worst is that all these false miracle cures are sold by companies based in some weird countries such as Ukraine and Poland. I stay in India and I wanted something sold by an Indian company. I don't trust a foreign company without a local number/office. I was about to give up when I read this interview by Johnny Sins of Brazzers, the world’s largest porn network.

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He was candid about the fact that most pornstars take additional pills to add another couple of inches to their weapon. Amongst the many supplements he suggested, he was glowing in praise about this one pill manufactured in India using Swiss technology. Powerful ayurvedic ingridients such as Ashwagandha, Kaunch Beej, Shatavari, Vidarikand, Javantri, Shuddha Shilajit, and Kababchini are present in one harmless pill which you can buy without a prescription. This beautifully balanced pill gives you an increase of upto 3 inches in less than a couple of months.


Johnny Sins recommended original TitanPlus+ pills with FTFT technology he’s using, so I found their website on the net and decided to make an order. I was really surprised that they offered free shipping and 30 day Money back guarantee,so without hesitating I ordered my first pack.

Order & Delivery:

Within minutes of placing an order on Titanplusin.com, their customer care executive called me up to verify my address. I received my product within 2 days via COD. As you can see from the images below, product was delivered anonymously without any mention on the label and stickers. The labelling and packaging on the bottle itself was exactly as it is mentioned on the website and I was very impressed with their authenticity and genuineness.

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They even sent me a certificate of authenticity that guarentees that the product is 100% side effect free and approved by the government of India. Mighty impressive!! Here is the certificate snapshot:


Well, after that, it's super simple: I took 2 pills per day. That's it. Only took 1 minute. Simple!

If I understand the principle of TitanPlus+ correct, certain plants are chosen to increase the blood flow to the penis. More blood equals a bigger cock. It may be a bit more complex than that, but basically you get the idea.

The results, you know them: 2.5 cm per week

I promise you it's true. I grabbed my ruler after 8 days, and I screamed, FUCK! I had gained 2.5 cm, I couldn't believe it! I thought i was dreaming. But in fact, my cock was growing!

Suddenly last week, I called Esha (yeah, I finally gave a name to this bitch, Esha who works at the car showroom), We talked a little and finally she agreed to go out once again with me, "as friends". Last Saturday we met in a bar, kickass music, we danced... Things were getting a bit hot. Suddenly She touched me, and stopped dancing. She looked at me, suprised, and asked,

-- "No, but are you kidding me? What happend? Did you put a banana in your boxers or something?"

I laughed and put her hand in my underwear (discreetly), she was shocked. She understood that I was no more the same man, and began getting horny, she wanted me to fuck her right there.

I dragged her to my room and gave her the light of her life. So much passion, so much moaning and screaming, she just couldn’t resist. It was the best FUCK of my life. Not only was my erection an entire 2 inches longer but my girth size had increased as well. For all you romantics out there, take this tip from me. Girth size is more critical than mere penis length. Girth is what makes ‘em ladies get down on their knees and beg for me.

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Update 2: Three months later

I have been consuming these pills once/day and I have had the sexual joyride of a lifetime so far. I feel like an animal on the bed and I need to buy new underpants (lol) to fit my junk.. As a bonus note, I have added more muscle even sport a four pack abs right now. Im pretty sure this is because of the natural Testosterone Boosters in TitanPlus+

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Update 3: Six months later

I have finally stopped consuming these magic pills. I consumed the entire course of six months and my new measured penis size is now a staggering 8.2 inches, a growth of 3.1 inches. In addition to the same, I feel much more fitter and hornier. My chiselled chest is a testament to the testosterone boosting benefits of TitanPlus+. Unlike other greedy companies which try to sell you more, TitanPlus+ customer care assured me that the entire course of six months provides life time results and there is absolutely no need to buy more. Cant thank you guys enough for my sexual powers. (Cheers guys!)

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